About Me

I design beautiful digital experiences that simplify people’s lives.

My experience in UX & graphic design, design thinking, and technology gives me intimate knowledge of users’ needs & design solutions.

I’ve worked on different size projects in many types of industries – from the country’s biggest website to small apps. Read more about my skills and work experience at my LinkedIn profile.  Or see my portfolio.

I am always listening and finding ways to challenge my assumptions. “Design like you’re right, listen like you’re wrong.”

That extends into creating graphic & experience design systems that enhance messaging and create the appropriate emotions in people. Design systems mean faster, higher quality design and production with more consistency for users and businesses.

I’m interested in helping ideas become a reality more than I am with creating big strategic ideas.

I’m detailed driven and love to craft designs until they are perfect. My colleagues have noted how fastidious I can be about grids and font sizes! My style of graphic design is simple and sophisticated.

People work better together when using well-designed systems so we’re constantly iterating the way the team works and the tools we use.

The 100s of usability tests I’ve done means I’m skilled at uncovering what people mean when they don’t really know what they’re saying. There’s no substitute for putting a real person in front of your interface to observe their experience. You quickly learn that most people don’t really care about the technology or effort that you’ve put in. They’d rather be at home with their kids than spend long hours using something they don’t really understand. From filing a tax return to sharing photos with their family, they use technology to get things done so they can get back to the things that matter.

I’m endlessly fascinated how systems of people and technology interact on an individual & social level, reflected in my love of both history and science fiction.

Read more about my skills and work experience at my LinkedIn profile.
Or see my portfolio.